Contest Win – Free Pizza!

I first became interested in contests about eight years ago. I’m not sure what first sparked my interest, but suddenly I was spending about an hour a day entering daily-entry contests, and looking for new contests to enter. My biggest win was $500 worth of skin care products. I also won CDs, a DVD, a handbag, sunglasses, baby bath toys, and plenty of books. I’m not sure why I lost interest in entering contests. I think it’s because I realized that I had too much stuff and wanted to downsize, so it didn’t make sense to acquire more. However, I’ve decided to give contests another try. I’m going to focus on things that I actually need and that are practical.  And I have won something already: one free pizza! I redeemed my coupon yesterday and got this:

This translated into two free meals. Saving money is just as exciting as earning money!