Trips Down Memory Lane

Does anyone remember the first stock they ever purchased? I do! It was Sobeys (SBY). I went to university in Nova Scotia from 1996 to 2000. There was a Sobeys right across the street from my apartment building so that was where I did most of my grocery shopping.

Five years after graduating, I was back living in Ottawa and I had just opened my first investment account. I was reminiscing about my time out east, and I was feeling a little “homesick” for Halifax. So I decided to buy some Sobeys stock. In hindsight, it was a pretty good stock pick. It was a stable company that even paid a quarterly dividend. I was pretty paranoid about the stock market-everybody says it’s such a scary thing!-that I only bought about $200 worth of shares and paid a $30 commission fee in the process.

A year later, SBY was still the only stock I owned. I wanted to get rid of it but my average cost per share was pretty high because of that commission fee. And to sell it I would have to pay another $30! So I decided to put in some more money instead. I added a couple thousand, then added another thousand about a month later.

I started getting a little frustrated with the stock because it wasn’t going up enough that I could sell it and make a profit, and it wasn’t going down enough that I could justify buying more. I finally dumped it for around $30 a share and pretty much just broke even. The funny thing is that, a few months later, Sobeys announced that they were going private. The share price shot up to $58!

January 2018 Expenses and Earnings

Time for another spending/earnings report! My net income in January 2018 was $3656.26. My paychecks are always a little higher in November, December and January because we get lots of overtime around Christmas. I’m guilty of a little bit of lifestyle inflation in January as a result of this. I treated myself to some stuff from Amazon, and downloaded plenty of music on iTunes. Fortunately, I’ve finally downloaded all the songs that I really wanted and I probably won’t buy many more, if any. I also had to buy new earbuds for my ipod because the old ones finally stopped working, two years after I bought them. It looks like I spent more than last month on eating out and using the vending machine at work. I’m not sure why that is. Lifestyle inflation again? Probably. My local Subway now closes at the same time I get off work, so I will no longer be able to go there on Thursdays (the last day of my work week ) as I had been doing. What I really need to do is find some healthy, tasty recipes that I can make and take to work with me. I usually go out at lunch time because the food I put in my lunch bag is so boring! So here is the breakdown of my expenses:

Rent:  $752.34
Cell Phone:  $22.60
Internet:  $102.25
Service charges:  $4.95
Netflix:  $8.99
iTunes:   $37.50
Gym membership:  $11.30
Amazon:  $85.36
Earbuds:  $45.19
Baby shower gift: $45.15
Eating Out:  $82.38
Vending Machine:   $42.20
Other food & Misc. expenses:  $359.08

TOTAL: $1599.29

January 2018 Dividends

It just hit me that we’re into February now, which means that it’s time to post my monthly dividend summary! I just barely passed the $900 mark which seems a little low for me. I think it’s because I always get taxed on my distribution from HOT.UN, which means that my yield on that stock is not quite as high as it seems. I’ll give you the amount I received after taxes. Most likely I’ll sell that stock and put the money into a REIT that pays out in Canadian dollars. So here is the breakdown of the dividends I received in January 2018.


American Hotel REIT (HOT.UN)…..29.73
Artis REIT (AX.UN)…..34.29
Northview REIT (NVU.UN)…..23.36
Northwest Healthcare REIT (NWH.UN)…..56.74

Taxable Account:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)…..33.97
CIBC (CM)…..120.90
TD Bank (TD)…..24.60

Algonquin Power (AQN)…..30.14
Altagas (ALA)…..56.03
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF)…..30.46
Inter Pipeline (IPL)…..43.55
Keyera (KEY)…..18.34
Northland Power (NPI)…..12.40
Pembina Pipeline (PPL)…..10.80
Transcanada Corp. (TRP)…..36.25

Crombie REIT (CRR.UN)…..19.21
Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN)……0.13
Pure Industrial REIT (AAR.UN)…..7.25
H&R REIT (HR.UN)…..38.41
Northwest Healthcare REIT (HR.UN)…..0.33
Riocan REIT (REI.UN)…..50.88
Slate REIT (SRT.UN)…..24.98

Bell (BCE)…..63.86
Telus (T)…..43.94

Extendicare (EXE)…..14.40

Rogers Sugar (RSI)…..79.65

TOTAL: $904.60

My projected annual dividend income for March 2018-February 2019 is $11,467.