Finally…an Update!

Well, I finally have time for an update! I’ve been busy at work, doing a few hours of overtime this week as well as an extra shift today. I’ve also been helping Santa answer his mail! But now I have four days off so that gives me a little more time for blogging.

I sold all of my shares of KMP.UN and DRG.UN. I took a bit of a capital gain, and I used all of the money to buy additional shares of EMA and BMO. I cancelled the DRIPs on all of my REITs, but I guess I didn’t do it soon enough so I am now the proud owner of two whole shares of DRG.UN. My projected annual income has dropped a bit because of these sales/purchases but it’s still over $11,000 so I’m not bothered by it.

I’m making progress on setting up my TFSA. I applied online and I thought I had sent in all the required documentation but my account was still suspended. They finally sent me an email telling me exactly which form I was missing, and even attached it to the email. That was nice to see after getting 2-3 generic emails from them saying “your application is incomplete!” without giving me any clues as to what was missing. I’m a little disappointed with them, actually, because of the lack of communication. Anyhow, I’ll be sending the form off tomorrow and I should be all set after that.

My first financial goal for 2018 is to make an appointment to set up an iTrade account in my RRSP. I haven’t touched my RRSP in years, and my contribution limit is up to about $19,000. I’ll probably transfer in about $10,000 this year and top it up next year. I also plan to cash out the mutual funds that are in my RRSP (market value is about $37,000) and put that into stocks in the new iTrade account.

3 thoughts on “Finally…an Update!”

  1. Is this Scotia iTrade that you’re having trouble with for your TFSA? I hear good things about them. I use Questrade myself.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Yes, it’s Scotia iTrade. I’ve had a non-registered account with them for about 11 years and I’ve been really happy with them. That’s why I’m so surprised at the lack of communication from them. When I open another account with them, I think I’ll do it in person to avoid having this happen again. I’ve heard that Questrade is really good, but I prefer to have all of my business with the same bank. It just makes things easier for me.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      1. I know what you mean about having everything in one place.
        I wouldn’t say that Questrade is “really good” lol but it’s decent considering its free ETF purchases and low trade cost.

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