November 2017 Expenses and Earnings

It’s time for another summary of my monthly earnings and expenses! My net earnings in November 2017 were $5235.34. I love three-payday months! I also did a pretty good amount of overtime so each paycheck was higher than it would normally have been.

My total expenses were $1711.33. This is higher than usual because I renewed my passport and signed up with Bluehost in order to create this blog. The breakdown of my expenses is:

  • Rent: $752.34
  • Gym Membership: $11.30
  • Laundry card top-up: $30
  • Service charges: $4.95
  • Cell Phone: $22.60
  • Internet: $102.25
  • iTunes: $1.29
  • Netflix: $8.99
  • Food & Misc.: $446.93
  • Passport Renewal: $160
  • Passport Photo $22.59
  • Bluehost: $148.09

I had my usual problems this month when it comes to spending: too many trips to the vending machine at work, and too many chocolate bars from Dollarama! Otherwise I think it was a pretty good month. If I wanted to, I could save even more money by hand-washing my laundry (which I did for years) and ditching my Netflix membership. But I’ve reached the point where I have enough money saved and enough dividends coming in that I can afford to splurge a bit. And as far as a frugal person is concerned, $8.99 on Netflix and $2.25 per load of laundry is a splurge!

3 thoughts on “November 2017 Expenses and Earnings”

  1. I love Dollarama! Do you own it? I regret not buying it around $30.

    Who is your Internet service provider? That seems a bit expensive for Internet in Canada (because you may be able to call them and negotiate if you are not in a contract), but your cell phone bill is SO CHEAP! Do you have data on it?

    1. I’m a little wary of Dollarama shares. They have so much momentum right now, but I don’t know how long it’ll continue for. I could probably buy it up now and sell it for a little capital gain in a year or two, but I really don’t want to take any major risks with my money. I tried day trading in 2013/2014 and I lost a hundred grand (!) when the market tanked. I don’t want to go through that again! So I’m just a boring old dividend investor now, and Dollarama’s current yield is only 0.28%. So it’s a no for now.

      My cell and Internet are both with Rogers. Rogers gave me a “deal” when I signed up: eight months at $55 a month, then it jumped up to the regular price of $95. Then it increased to $98, then $101, now $102.25. There are definitely cheaper providers out there, but I’m afraid they’d be less reliable. I should probably just call Rogers up and tell them to cancel my Internet: then I’m sure they’d give me a discount! lol.

      My cell phone is pay-as-you-go. I have to add a minimum of $20 each month. If I want data, a day pass costs me $1 and a weekly pass would cost me $5. But I still have my old slider phone and most web pages don’t load properly. So I only use my phone for calling and texting.

      1. Yes give them a call, it’s so easy! I call every 3 months (haha) but now just once a year to sacrifice a few dollars more. As long as you’re not in a contract you should be ok.

        Oh no sorry about the $100K loss. Yeah, their dividend is not very good that’s why I didn’t buy in the first place too.

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