November 2017 Dividends

My dividend income in November was a little higher than I’d expected. But I can’t complain about that! I  think it’s because I recently sold a stock that pays a quarterly dividend and replaced it with a stock that has a monthly distribution. So I ended up getting two payments for the price of one! Here are the companies that paid me in November:

  • H&R REIT (HR.UN)…..$38.30
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)…..$48.60
  • Royal Bank (RY)…..$54.60
  • Emera (EMA)…..$31.08
  • Keyera (KEY)…..$18.34
  • AltaGas (ALA)…..$52.85
  • Northland Power (NPI)…..$11.16
  • Pembina Pipeline (PPL)…..$10.80
  • Inter Pipeline (IPL)…..$41.31
  • Extendicare (EXE)…..$14.32
  • Enbridge Income Fund (ENF)…..$18.82
  • Slate REIT (SRT.UN)…..$24.38
  • Crombie REIT (CRR.UN)…..$19.06
  • Artis REIT (AX.UN)…..$33.93
  • Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN)…..$31.13
  • Killam REIT (KMP.UN)…..$10.49
  • Pure Industrial REIT (AAR.UN)…..$7.23
  • American Hotel REIT (HOT.UN)…..$35.17
  • Cominar REIT (CUF.UN)…..$36.96
  • Northview REIT (NVU.UN)…..$23.36
  • Northwest Healthcare REIT (NWH.UN)…..$56.40
  • Riocan REIT (REI.UN)…..$50.64
  • Power Financial (PWF)…..$117.56
  • National Bank (NA)…..$95.12
  • Laurentian Bank (LB)…..$112.84

TOTAL: $994.45

My projected annual dividend income is $11,292. That is partly due to some recent distribution/dividend increases: REI.UN, NA, NPI, SRT.UN, ENB and maybe some more that I’ve forgotten. It took me so long to get to $10,000 and suddenly I’m well on my way to $12,000! I’m looking forward to getting a four-digit monthly dividend income, and I should be there by the end of next summer!

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  1. Just thought about something.

    We roughly have the same amount of money in our portfolio (200K$). But you make twice as much in dividends as I do!

    Do I have the numbers correct? I think you must have higher dividend players that I do. I don’t own much REIT’s.

    Anyway, congrats and well done ! 5 more years! 😉

    1. Yes, you have the numbers right! When I first switched over to dividend investing, I did what a lot of people do: I chased the yield! I bought a lot of REITs and they currently make up about 30% of my portfolio. Of course, now I realize that I should be focusing on dividend-growth stocks so that’s what I’ll be doing. I won’t sell any of my REITs and I’ll continue to DRIP them, but I won’t put any additional money into them. Instead, I’m going to focus on adding to my bank stocks, insurance companies, utilities, etc. So in a few years, my dividend income won’t be quite so impressive when compared to the value of my portfolio!

  2. Almost $12K, that’s amazing!! It took me all year to get to $6K forward yield.

    Wow, 30% of REITs! Have you looked into NLY? I only have about 3% of REIT in my portfolio and I also have about $200K in my portfolio.

    I understand the yield chasing mentality. That’s what I was like when I first started.

    1. It’s taken about 15 years of saving to get to this point. But it’s so worth it. I’m finally seeing some nice compounding happening!

    2. Oops, I just realized that I missed part of your comment! Yes, that’s right: 30% REITs! I didn’t realize that until I actually did the calculations. I really didn’t think I had that many. I’m not going to sell any of them because it’d be really hard psychologically to see my projected income plummet! Also, I know that there’s nothing wrong with REITs (other than the fact that they’re not very good at distribution increases) so I’m going to hang on to them. I’ll just focus on adding to other stocks in order to decrease the percentage of REITs in my portfolio.

      I looked up NLY but that high yield makes me a little nervous! The one American REIT that seems to be in everybody’s portfolio is O and that’s probably the one I’d buy.

  3. FMY,
    Hi there! I’ve been a fellow postal worker too for 9 years back in the days. 😉
    Wow you have a pretty solid dividend cashflow! 12k for 200k invested is pretty awesome.
    You’re a little too heavy on REITs to my taste but I always feel tempted by the high yield too. I’ve resisted the devil so far… lol

    I’m happy to discover a new Canadian blog about dividend investing. Keep investing my friend! We’ll reach early retirement pretty soon.


    1. Welcome to my blog! My French isn’t very good but I’ll try to read your blog too 🙂 It looks like we both hope to retire before age 45! I’ve been working at the post office for 16 years and I’ll probably stay there until I retire.

      I agree that I have too many REITs. I don’t plan to buy any more, and I’m going to focus on dividend growth stocks from now on. Right now I am signed up to DRIP all of my REITs, but I might change that.

      1. It’s not that bad overall though. You’ve got what? 65k invested in REITs? You’ve got a strong cashflow. As long as your income get indexed with inflation and that your REITs protect your capital at least.
        I’ve had a couple of bad lucks with REITs…. ARCP (fraud) and dividend cut + 40% loss of capital, Cominar (dividend cut) + loss of capital, Omega healthcare (huge drop in value)… with DRIPs they constantly dilutes the ownership of investors… I don’t especially like it.

        But I’ve also had a good experience with Realty income so far.

        I’m just wondering what the impact of increasing interest rates will be for the REITs and also, I feel like like the retail business is changing a lot and commercial real estate is taking a hit.

        16 years at canada post wow! I stayed there for 9 years part time and had more than enough lol I was working at one of the big sorting centre in montreal on a night shift… not very cool! I had to slap myself in the face to stay awake. Lol

        1. I’ve heard a lot of talk about what interest rates will do to REITs. But I think they’ll be okay in the long run. The retail ones do worry me though. I’ll try to sell REI.UN if it goes up enough that I can break even.

          I’ve gone back and forth between full-time and part-time at the post office, and I’ve also had to work nights in the past! I’m currently full-time but I’ll probably go back to part-time in a year or two. I love being part-time because my job is just part of my life instead of taking over my entire life! But right now I want to make as much money to invest as possible, so I’m going to stay full-time.

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