Finally…an Update!

Well, I finally have time for an update! I’ve been busy at work, doing a few hours of overtime this week as well as an extra shift today. I’ve also been helping Santa answer his mail! But now I have four days off so that gives me a little more time for blogging.

I sold all of my shares of KMP.UN and DRG.UN. I took a bit of a capital gain, and I used all of the money to buy additional shares of EMA and BMO. I cancelled the DRIPs on all of my REITs, but I guess I didn’t do it soon enough so I am now the proud owner of two whole shares of DRG.UN. My projected annual income has dropped a bit because of these sales/purchases but it’s still over $11,000 so I’m not bothered by it.

I’m making progress on setting up my TFSA. I applied online and I thought I had sent in all the required documentation but my account was still suspended. They finally sent me an email telling me exactly which form I was missing, and even attached it to the email. That was nice to see after getting 2-3 generic emails from them saying “your application is incomplete!” without giving me any clues as to what was missing. I’m a little disappointed with them, actually, because of the lack of communication. Anyhow, I’ll be sending the form off tomorrow and I should be all set after that.

My first financial goal for 2018 is to make an appointment to set up an iTrade account in my RRSP. I haven’t touched my RRSP in years, and my contribution limit is up to about $19,000. I’ll probably transfer in about $10,000 this year and top it up next year. I also plan to cash out the mutual funds that are in my RRSP (market value is about $37,000) and put that into stocks in the new iTrade account.

November 2017 Expenses and Earnings

It’s time for another summary of my monthly earnings and expenses! My net earnings in November 2017 were $5235.34. I love three-payday months! I also did a pretty good amount of overtime so each paycheck was higher than it would normally have been.

My total expenses were $1711.33. This is higher than usual because I renewed my passport and signed up with Bluehost in order to create this blog. The breakdown of my expenses is:

  • Rent: $752.34
  • Gym Membership: $11.30
  • Laundry card top-up: $30
  • Service charges: $4.95
  • Cell Phone: $22.60
  • Internet: $102.25
  • iTunes: $1.29
  • Netflix: $8.99
  • Food & Misc.: $446.93
  • Passport Renewal: $160
  • Passport Photo $22.59
  • Bluehost: $148.09

I had my usual problems this month when it comes to spending: too many trips to the vending machine at work, and too many chocolate bars from Dollarama! Otherwise I think it was a pretty good month. If I wanted to, I could save even more money by hand-washing my laundry (which I did for years) and ditching my Netflix membership. But I’ve reached the point where I have enough money saved and enough dividends coming in that I can afford to splurge a bit. And as far as a frugal person is concerned, $8.99 on Netflix and $2.25 per load of laundry is a splurge!

November 2017 Dividends

My dividend income in November was a little higher than I’d expected. But I can’t complain about that! I  think it’s because I recently sold a stock that pays a quarterly dividend and replaced it with a stock that has a monthly distribution. So I ended up getting two payments for the price of one! Here are the companies that paid me in November:

  • H&R REIT (HR.UN)…..$38.30
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)…..$48.60
  • Royal Bank (RY)…..$54.60
  • Emera (EMA)…..$31.08
  • Keyera (KEY)…..$18.34
  • AltaGas (ALA)…..$52.85
  • Northland Power (NPI)…..$11.16
  • Pembina Pipeline (PPL)…..$10.80
  • Inter Pipeline (IPL)…..$41.31
  • Extendicare (EXE)…..$14.32
  • Enbridge Income Fund (ENF)…..$18.82
  • Slate REIT (SRT.UN)…..$24.38
  • Crombie REIT (CRR.UN)…..$19.06
  • Artis REIT (AX.UN)…..$33.93
  • Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN)…..$31.13
  • Killam REIT (KMP.UN)…..$10.49
  • Pure Industrial REIT (AAR.UN)…..$7.23
  • American Hotel REIT (HOT.UN)…..$35.17
  • Cominar REIT (CUF.UN)…..$36.96
  • Northview REIT (NVU.UN)…..$23.36
  • Northwest Healthcare REIT (NWH.UN)…..$56.40
  • Riocan REIT (REI.UN)…..$50.64
  • Power Financial (PWF)…..$117.56
  • National Bank (NA)…..$95.12
  • Laurentian Bank (LB)…..$112.84

TOTAL: $994.45

My projected annual dividend income is $11,292. That is partly due to some recent distribution/dividend increases: REI.UN, NA, NPI, SRT.UN, ENB and maybe some more that I’ve forgotten. It took me so long to get to $10,000 and suddenly I’m well on my way to $12,000! I’m looking forward to getting a four-digit monthly dividend income, and I should be there by the end of next summer!