October 2017 Expenses and Earnings

I hope to make one of these posts every month: a record of my earnings from my job at the post office, and a breakdown of all my spending over the previous month.  I try to use my credit card as often as possible because I get Air Miles that I can redeem for free groceries. So it’s hard to track every single penny  but I will try to single out the major monthly expenses.

My net earnings in October 2017 were $3242.37. That includes ten hours of overtime.

My total expenses were  $1349.48. The breakdown of my expenses is:

  • Rent: $752.34
  • Gym Membership: $11.30
  • Laundry card top-up: $20
  • Service charges: $4.95
  • Cell Phone: $22.60
  • Internet: $102.25
  • iTunes: $3.87
  • Netflix: $8.99
  • Food & Misc.: $423.19

Financially speaking, food has always been my downfall. I’m an emotional eater and I love chocolate! I’m going to try to cut back on junk food for the sake of my physical health as well as my financial health. I don’t want illness to ruin early retirement! One thing I can definitely do to reduce my spending in this category is to eat out less. I go to Subway a couple of times a week, Starbucks once, and I often go to a pizza place for lunch on workdays.  I can definitely cut back on that!

My cell phone bill is about as low as it can get. I have a pay-as-you go plan, and I only use my phone for calling and texting. I can wait until I get home and turn on my laptop to check the Internet. Speaking of the Internet, I know my plan is overpriced. I will research cheaper plans when I have the time. Suggestions from fellow Canadians are welcome!

Netflix…well, I don’t want to give that up! I don’t think $9 a month is a big deal, and it’s cheaper than cable.

I hand-washed my clothes for years but I finally gave that up a few months ago. I just couldn’t get my clothes as clean as the washing machine can. I decided the laundry card was a good investment if it’ll extend the life span of my clothes. Of course, good frugalist that I am, most of my t-shirts come from thrift shops and only cost about $5 each. I will still let my clothes air dry in my apartment rather than using the dryer.